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USEA is one of the best quality training centers in Bangalore for TESOL / TEFL / CELTA courses. US English Academy offering TESOL / TEFL / CELTA courses with innovative, interdisciplinary and interactive components to enhance student engagement. International Accredited Lecturers are one of the specialty of USEA Bangalore. TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) / TEFL (Teaching English as a Second Language) / CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) courses will help you to achieve high results and develop your English skills and improve your exam techniques. Enroll now and get early extra time and free access to our world-class study materials.

Courses Duration

3 weeks of intensive learning session comprising 120 hours in total

Highlights of TESOL/TEFL course:

  • 3 weeks of intensive learning session comprising 120 hours in total
  • Best tutor support along with study materials
  • Activity based learning
  • Internationally accredited certificate
  • Placement assistance for any location around the world
  • Course Fee: INR 50000 / USD 735
  • Accommodation can be arranged within a nominal cost
  • Fully Air-conditioned/wifi Enabled class rooms

Dates for the courses:

  • 5th Feb to 23rd Feb 2018
  • 7th May to 25th May 2018
  • 6th Aug to 24th Aug 2018
  • 12th Nov to 30th Nov 2018


1st week activity:
Day 1
  • Course Introduction
  • Course Criteria
  • Approaches to Language Learning and Teaching foreign Language (Day 1)
Day 2
  • Warmers & Micro teaching techniques.
  • Foreign language (Day 2)
  • Context setting & modelling
Day 3
  • Basic lesson demonstration and lesson Planning
  • Review
  • Lesson Planning for Peer Teach 1
Day 4
  • Peer Teach 1
  • Feedback
  • Error Correction
Day 5
  • Teaching listening as a receptive skill
  • Using music
  • Grammar

2nd week activity:
Day 1
  • Teaching reading
  • Classroom Management
Day 2
  • Teaching YL
  • YL lesson demonstration
  • Lesson planning
Day 3
  • Phonology
  • Communicative and Interactive materials
  • Teaching Speaking
Day 4
  • Peer Teach 1
  • Feedback
  • Error Correction
Day 5
  • Lesson planning for Peer Teach 2
  • Peer Teach 2
  • Text Evaluation

3rd week activity:
Day 1
  • Lesson planning for Peer Teach 2
  • Peer Teach 2
  • Text Evaluation
Day 2
  • TP 1
  • Feedback
  • Lesson prep
Day 3
  • Practice teaching 2
  • Review
  • Lesson planning
Day 4
  • Practice teaching 3
  • Review
  • Lesson planning
Day 5
  • Practice teaching 4
  • Review
  • Certification

If you have a special heart to explore enticing Indian metro culture and lifestyle along with grasping opportunity in TEFL then Bangalore is a good destination to elect among all the TEFL locations in India. The city has evolved as the IT capital of the country in this contemporary time while it has also been marked as one of the most popular cosmopolitan cities of India. Hence getting located to the city for pursuing a professional TEFL course can be an enticing experience as the course will look after your professional career in future while you can bag some nice experiences and memories from the city. The city is popularly known as the garden city due to the amount of green you can find here and weather is ever relaxing and comforting. Pursuing a TEFL course can bring huge benefit in this city. After pursuing the course, going abroad with a teaching job is always an opportunity as huge amount of teaching jobs are available within the city itself and in other cities of the country also. As Bangalore is the IT hub of the country hence massive opportunity is waiting for you in the corporate sector.

TEFL courses

TEFL is one of the most common terms which is well known to the teachers and have a wide presence in the market as it is more industry oriented certificate course available.

The most prominent factors for a TEFL course are the low cost, faster certification and great learning quality paired up with industry standard course structure.

TESOL Courses

There are basically no differences between TEFL and TESOL course, the only difference lies is in the letters used for these two courses to distinct them from each other. Though, the TEFOL (TEFL) courses are very popular among North America, Canada, Australia and the non-native English speaking countries.

Both of these courses (online as well as in-class) offer international certification along with same level of training and guidance to get jobs at your suitable location.

CELTA Courses

CELTA is different from TEFL or TESOL courses with different set of course structure practices all around the world. It is a full-time (sometimes residential) intensive English language learning course with a higher course fee.

The eligibility for a CELTA course is restricted to a formal educational qualification along with a minimum age limit of 20 years. But for a TEFL course, the eligibility is minimum of 16 years of age along with a native-level English speaking proficiency.

CELTA courses involve lot more investments in terms of both time and money and fair enough for a lifelong teaching career abroad but If you want a quick shift of career or want to start your teaching journey at a young age, TEFL courses are the best option available.

What is a TEFL Course?

To become an eligible TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) teacher, a TEFL course with international certification is the mandatory requirement. On successful completion of a TEFL course, candidates will receive an internationally recognized certificate to be eligible to teach English language anywhere in the globe.

120+ hours of online TEFL course is one of the most favourable TEFL courses that enables a teacher to learn about modern teaching techniques, methodology, pedagogy, creation of innovative lesson plans, classroom management and many more. Online TEFL course are flexible enough to let you access the course form you preferable location while informing you each and everything you need to know to become an efficient TEFL teacher but does not include any practical elements. Online TEFL course offers short videos for the teachers for better understanding of the course contents.

What are the Qualifications we need to take a TEFL Course.?

To be eligible for a TEFL course, three most important qualities need to have, and those are enthusiasm, motivation and determination. Another important thing you need is the commitment toward the course and a heart full of desire of learning during the time period; else it may become difficult and boring for you, which is common for any course you applied for. If you have appositive attitude and sincerity then the course will be the most useful learning experience for you to become an excellent TEFL teacher.

May be it is mandatory for some TEFL course providers to ask the applicant for a A-level high school or graduation certificate or some equivalent degree, which may not required at all. A TEFL certification or pre teaching experience value more than the grades appeared in degrees in various levels of studies. A degree or qualification cannot determine the level of your excellence to become an English language teacher.

But, having a degree is always beneficial for a trained TEFL teacher to get relieved form the possible issues at the time of appearing for an interview. Therefore, without a degree, a TEFL trainer needs to be open minded at the time of choosing the location of teaching. For some countries, it is mandatory to have a minimum degree to be applicable for the working visa (for example in China), so, it will not be a good option to work in china as an English language teacher without having any degree. But, there are number of countries that does not mandate for an English language teacher to have a degree, all you need to do is to take a certified TEFL training course to become an eligible English language teacher.


TEFL is the acronym of Teaching English as a Foreign Language and TESOL is the acronym of Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Language. Both are similar to each other and it can be seen as English language instruction for the non-native speakers. The concept is popular in other different terms as well like ELT that stands for English Language Teaching or Teaching ESL which is Teaching English as Second Language. In this contemporary time, TEFL/TESOL could be noted as one of the most important educational fields which is growing thick and fast with a particular aim of creating effective global communication.

The TEFL/TESOL courses are efficiently designed programs to guide the tutors with teaching methods. As the demand for learning English language has grown big time hence the requirement of quality EFL teacher is insatiable all across the globe. As the teachers need to deal with non-native speakers so the approach needs to be different from the traditional English teaching. The teachers need to work with effective English instruction and there is no scope for experiments. The teachers need to learn the TEFL methodologies and various techniques to make it as instructive as possible. On the other hand the teachers need to understand the job role and responsibilities. The courses are dedicated towards that.

As the courses are developed considering the qualities one EFL/ESL teacher should have, hence the courses comprises all the detail guideline required to excel in this professional field of teaching. The courses are designed in such a way by the experts that can educate both the aspiring and working teachers with the elements of excellence. The courses also comprise a comprehensive knowledge about modern teaching and the effective parameters of it. It only talks about the proven methods in practical field of EFL teaching. The courses are also dedicated to enhance other skills of a teacher that makes him or her a complete performer in the global classroom with confidence.


TEFL/TESOL or Teaching English as Foreign Language / Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Language requires different set of skills all together. It is different from traditional teaching and works differently for both the teachers and students. Hence a professional training can be effective to shape career with required skills and abilities. The demand for quality EFL teachers is relatively high all across the world. There is a strong reason behind that. All the countries and the people in it are really keen to participate in the international operations and get a good boost in their professional career as well. This is the age of globalization and the importance of global communication cannot be overlooked under any circumstances. The effective purpose of international communication has been experienced by almost all the professional sectors and also has become important in personal level. Hence TEFL is the new door of opportunity among all the global careers available.

The EFL teachers need to take huge responsibility in their professional field as they need to work with effective English instruction and educate people with that. It is important for the EFL teachers to understand that professional excellence of other people is actually depending on their quality of performance. So there is no room for experimentation and self-learning. A professional course will guide the aspiring and working EFL teachers with methodologies and techniques to enhance and upgrade skills.

The course can be highly important to stay strong in the competition. As quality matters the most hence the demand for native English speakers is high in TEFL. Pursuing a professional TEFL/TESOL course can always make you skillfully equivalent to the native speakers. It unconditionally broadens the door of opportunity for teaching English abroad.

One of the most beneficial end of the professional TEFL/TESOL course is, it does not only work with the skills of English language as in speaking and writing but it works beyond that. The course works on the skills of teaching. Teaching is a sensitive process that you need to learn in order to produce effective results. Teaching is no more restricted to imparting knowledge but it has grown towards showing people the path where they can explore themselves. The course guides the aspiring teachers with latest techniques of teaching and to learn why it is effective. The course can also help the aspiring and experienced teachers to understand how modern methods are different from traditional methods and the reason for evolving.

There are very few professions available across the globe that requires few days of training. TEFL is one of them. Many people say that as the demand is really high for qualified English language teachers and the supply is less hence there is not much time to prepare them. So they need to experience the practical classroom within few days of training. But we believe that a teacher grow as the ever evolving education process takes shape. Hence a few days of training with the basic guidelines of teaching is beneficial enough to experience the practical classrooms.


TEFL course is basically open to all. There is no particular requirement of any special eligibility criteria. Any graduate in any discipline with basic knowledge in English makes one eligible to pursue professional TEFL course. But what actually matters when someone is electing a TEFL course is motivation and determination. Enthusiasm for learning something new is important for TEFL course.

If you are looking for a professional teaching career abroad in your new future then TEFL is the right choice for you. The course will educate you with all the important factors related to teaching English as a foreign language. Currently the demand for professional trained EFL teacher is huge in all the parts of the world because of the growing importance of learning English language to take effective part in global communication. So the career opportunity is exciting.

The TEFL course is not only open for the aspiring EFL teachers but also for the working EFL teachers those who are looking for career growth and enhancement of teaching skills. The course can guide them brilliantly. Hence there will be a great opportunity for career growth and finding new interest in the similar profession.

TEFL is always an exciting choice for the people looking for a career change. People those who started working at a very early age generally lose interest in their job and seek for career change. There are many people who never loved their job till date and always had a special heart to do something different, likely want to go for a career change. But in most of the cases people back off due to financial insecurity. TEFL is just the best option for them. TEFL courses are basically ready for job training contents and you may get immediate global access with a new career and it features financial strength also.

The fun part, TEFL course is not only open for the professional teachers. You may also pursue the course to teach at your home to the needy students while you can have you global opportunity in your pocket that any time can be availed. The course can be beneficial if you are willing to open a homely or small school for the needy students or for the children. The methodologies and techniques of teaching English as a foreign language you will learn while pursuing the course will help you immensely.

You may also consider pursuing TEFL course if you are willing to work as an English language teacher in any language school. The language schools across the world features great requirement for English language teachers as the demand for learning English language is relatively higher than any other languages. The urge for learning English language is also high in the native English speaking countries as many speaker of other languages are struggling hard to fit into the society. Here comes the importance of TESOL. The course can help you to hop onto the job role.

If you are a travel freak by heart then TEFL could be an interesting option for you. No wonder it will bring travelling opportunity for you as you will get teaching opportunity in different countries. Exploring the world as a traveler is always special. You will have the opportunity to live in different culture, different food habits, different fashion sense and you will surely bag some great memories. Isn't it fun, you will be travelling and exploring the world while earning money at the same time? You may consider your job as a working holiday. This opportunity might appear heavenly if you possess a special heart for nature photography. Creating a rich collection of photographs that speaks for natural and geographical differences of the planet is something enticing.

Bangalore (often called Bengaluru) is the capital of Karnataka district and considered to be the IT hub of India. Bangalore is also renowned for its parks and nightlife which will add an extra level of entertainment for any visitor. Apart from being blessed with a lovely climate, it also produces a wide variety of South Indian cuisines with a different flavor altogether.


It is a 3 weeks of physical classroom TEFL course where aspiring teachers will acquire skills for EFL teaching with a detailed guideline of proven methodologies. Any graduate in any discipline may apply for the course. You can interact with the trainer face to face and learn the teaching methods while you yourself playing a role of a student in a physical classroom. You can avail this course for 50,000 INR or 735 USD along with course materials.

Accreditation brings opportunity for the required improvement as it is a necessary evaluation process for educational organizations. All our courses are globally accredited by ALAP (Awarding language Acquisition for Professionals) which is a United Kingdom based supreme institute in the ELT industry. ALAP is globally known for maintaining a higher academic quality.

It is a dual certificate course. You will be awarded with a globally recognized certificate from the institute which is INTESOL and another internationally accredited certificate will be given by ALAP on successful completion of the course. These certificates surely add up huge value to the training course and can be really helpful in job seeking and career building. The certificates will make the path easier for you to grow as an educator in your near future with the amount of opportunity it will produce. You will also receive a transcript from ALAP as your academic record and this service is available with us only. No other institute or accreditation body features transcript around the world in this field of education.

INTESOL Business Associate certificate
Course Transcript


All the certificates provided after successful completion of TESOL/TEFL course by INTESOL Worldwide are accredited and certified by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals). ALAP is a renowned organization based in United Kingdom, considered to be a supreme institute in the ELT industry.

The foundation of ALAP stands on maintaining a higher academic quality, ensuring the high value of the ALAP certification, supported by a group of highly educated and esteemed panel of academicians who are expert in the field of English language teaching.

"The world of education is often marred by questionable certification of academic courses. In order to differentiate between genuine, professional qualifications and those that are produced for commercial gain, it is essential that education companies provide accredited certification. Accreditation is the recognition by an external body that a course and/or training provider has met a certain set of standards and best practice. I am delighted to be associated with INTESOL as the company is an outstanding example of this best practice."- Dr Paul Rogers MSc, PhD, FCoT, FIFL, FInstLM, FRSA (Member of ALAP Academic Panel) Receiving an ALAP accredited TESOL certificate

Why it matters to the students:

After completion of any TESOL/TEFL course, two certificates will be issued, one form INTESOL worldwide and another from ALAP (with hologram) without any extra charges. A transcript will also be provided to the students showcasing the content of the study and the total number of hours spent for the learning.

ALAP certification ensures the standard of the academic processes that was adopted during the TESOL/TEFL course and showcases it to the employers.

The courses fall under the ALAP certification, are checked and moderated by the external body to uphold the standard of certification.

INTESOL Worldwide along with accreditation body is determined to provide an internationally certified course to ensure a higher level of learning for the students.


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